The waitlist for low income housing in Kamloops is
an average minimum of 2 years.


The waitlist for low income housing in Kamloops is
an average minimum of 2 years.

— Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society

SKY Youth Program

€œThe Sky is the Limit€

The SKY Program provides private home placements and programming for youth (13-19) on bail or as part of a probation or youth court order.  The youth have the opportunity to experience, or have access to: a normalized living environment; an academic program based on need; recreational and life skills activities; drug and alcohol treatment, and advocacy and liaison services with other community agencies involved with the youth.

The Sky program provides youth with a supervised, supportive, nurturing environment that provides a direct alternative to custody.  It is a full-time attendance program provided under contract to the Ministry of Children and Families-Youth Justice. Full-time attendance programs are intended to provide a structured living which affords support and supervision which is greater than what is provided in the youths own environment. The SKY Program can be up to six months in length, depending on youth needs.

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  • Accomplishment of goals/objectives set out by program participants
  • Improved social functioning through positive interactions with staff, care providers, community contacts and other youth
  • Increased healthy lifestyles with access to a variety of recreation type opportunities
  • Encourage and exploration of new interests
  • Compliance with court order

What to Expect

During intake the Sky support worker will provide the youth with an orientation to program and the rules and expectations. The youth will be required to sign a contract that outlines the above mentioned.

In the Caregiver home the youth will have their own bedroom. Each Caregiver home has house rules which include phone rules that will be explained to youth upon intake at the caregiver home. The Caregiver provides the youth with meals, bedding, alarm clock and basic hygiene items.

Youth are expected to adhere to a strict curfew while in program.  Please note there is no free time for youth for the first couple of weeks with the exception of taking the bus in the morning to program.  The free time is based on how well the youth is doing in the Caregiver home, how well they are doing in program, and what the expectations of the probation officer are.

The youth can expect to participate in recreational activities, personal goal setting, opportunities to build positive relationships, one to one support, group work, drug and alcohol counseling as needed, an allowance, a bus pass, a gym pass, city recreational facility access, relapse prevention, support from staff, access to walk-in clinics, and to be an active participate in the planning of their lives. Youth also have the opportunity to find employment if that is one of the goals identified.

The youth will also receive an allowance while in the program. The allowance is paid out once per week on a Friday. The youth will also receive one monthly bus pass however if the youth loses the pass they will be expected to cover the costs for the lost pass. If a youth does not have access to funds their allowance will be reduced until the costs are covered.

Success is something to celebrate. Upon successful completion of program the youth will determine the type of celebration he/she will have.

Suggested Items to Bring

  • Personal items such as pictures, books or other items that will make your stay more comfortable
  • Gym and swimming gear
  • Clothing for outdoor recreation
  • Medications, including allergy medication
  • Cigarettes (if you smoke)
  • Two pairs of shoes€“ one pair to work out in and participate in gym activities
  • A positive attitude and a willingness to participate

Do Not Bring

  • Cell phones, pagers, computers, any music devices that can access the internet
  • Drug paraphernalia this includes T-shirts, and hats
  • Pornographic material
  • Weights
  • Stereos

How to Access the Program

Youth must be referred to attend either the Sky program or the Osprey program by a court order.  Probation officers are the facilitators of referrals. The order must have a condition to attend either a full time attendance program (FTAP) or a full time drug and alcohol treatment program.  The youth may also be ordered to attend via a bail order.

For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator, Lorretta:

Phone:  250.374.2119 ex. 202


Osprey Home Support

The Elizabeth Fry Society partners with Kamloops Society for Alcohol and Drug Services (Phoenix Center) to provide housing for the alcohol and drug day treatment program. The Sky Program provides a recreation component on Friday evenings from 4:00pm to 5:30pm for the Osprey day program youth. The Osprey program is three to four months in length.  The Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society Sky Program provides the home support component of the Phoenix Center€™s Osprey drug and alcohol treatment day program.

For more information on the Osprey drug and alcohol day treatment program please visit their website at

Home Support and Family Care

Caregivers are contracted to provide a home like environment for up to sixth months for youth, between the ages of 13-19 who are actively involved in the SKY or Osprey programs. Caregivers are responsible for providing supervision and support outside of program hours. Program hours are generally Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Caregivers will provide a youth with a private bedroom, meals, access to phone to connect with positive supports, and opportunities for weekend recreational activities and events.

We are always looking for qualified caregivers to provide housing for youth

For more information on becoming a caregiver, visit our Employment page.

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