The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

— Mahatma Gandhi

The waitlist for low income housing in Kamloops is
an average minimum of 2 years.

— Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society

Library/ Pretrial Program- Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre

The Library/Pretrial Program provides a law library and general collection, including reference books, self help and fiction, to the prisoners at Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre and assistance with completing legal aid applications.  All those serving time at the jail have an opportunity to visit the library and/or have access to reading material.


The library is currently in need of donations and books. Preferred reading:

  • All types of fiction and fantasy
  • Self help
  • Science
  • Travel
  • Books in a foreign language, i.e. Chinese, Korean, Punjabi etc.
  • Biographies
  • Sports


Why We Need the Library – letters written by KRCC inmates

Letter #1:

To the Library

How the library benefits the jail is it gives us inmates reading material it helps us pass our time in here, and it gives us awesome reading material, and it deserves the library.


Letter #2:

The library at K.R.C.C. enables me to spend my time productively by reading and taking my mind off of being stuck in a jail cell and away from friends and family.


Letter #3:

1. The library allows us to expand our minds by reading.

2. It gives us an escape and lets us feel like we are somewhere else.

3. Rhonda is very helpful and we all appreciate her very much.

4. The library also helps with our court cases, and legal concerns etc.

5. Reading makes us feel like we are somewhere other than prison.


Letter #4:

Why we need the library

Thursday here at KRCC is my favorite day of the week because every Thursday we get the choice to spend an hour at our library. When we enter we are greeted by one of the finer lady  staff at our facility who is happy to help us find the books we want to read. At library we get the chance to escape our monotonous routine through any form of literature we choose. I didn’t even find out I enjoy reading until after I came here. I found I didn’t just enjoy reading but that i loved it. Reading has helped me grow as a person, it has expanded my vocabulary and has also made my sentence pass quicker. Without the library here I may have never discovered I love to read. Our library doesn’t just help me. I have seen people some though here that have never learned to read and thought a thesaurus was a type of dinosaur. Because of our library they are leaning to read and actually becoming more confident as a person. There are just a few reasons we need our library (although I could give a million more). I hope whoever is reading this sees how important our library is to us and that without it Thursday would just be another day.


Letter #5:

To: Whom it May Concern

I would like to offer a few words in support of the K.R.C.C. library! For myself, and I’m sure a great deal many more, the library time provides the inmates with a pleasant ray of sunshine away from the typical going-ons of  the jail. It is an opportunity to gather, and chat, to relax, and share innocent stories about life, and of course pick a good book! Rhonda provides a stress free mood, and is always sure to provide a helping hand, a story of her own, and a friendly smile!

Thank you Rhonda and KRCC programs