As many as 200,000 Canadians will experience homelessness each year.


The high cost of homelessness: $55, 000 a year to leave a homeless person on the street; it costs only $37, 000 a year to provide housing with support services.

— CARMHA Study and Calgary Study

Parent Support Group


You are not alone.

We are parents supporting parents of alcoholic and addicted children.

This group meets weekly in a safe environment, offering confidential and private peer support. Often parents of addicted children experience a lot of fears, anguish & isolation. Our goal is to support each other, gain insight and develop strategies for coping with these overwhelming feelings. This process often leads to an increased sense of control over lives that were ‘whirling out of control’.

Addiction is a family disease where all members are held hostage to the chaos and trauma.

Accessing the Program
Facilitated by an experience counsellor in the addictions field.

Meetings are held on Tuesday nights. Call for times and location :

Cogi: 250-851-6744
Penny: 250-372-8328

This group has truly been God-sent for me. After finding out about my daughter’s addiction, I had no frame of reference for what to do or how to cope. This group has helped to equip me to support my daughter in her recovery without losing myself in the process€.

Such a relief to know I am not alone in my confusion, anger, guilt, fear, worry, other parents have been here and survived! Good common-sense practical advice, the words of the experienced: more credible advice than I get anywhere else.
I come here to tell it like it is- there’€™s nowhere else I can go to really tell the truth.

€œThis group provides unique insight & perspective into parenting and coping with children and family members who suffer from addictions. The honesty and sincerity of the events and emotions that are shared by all of us in a common situation is invaluable to our progress in dealing with our family situation.€

€œThis group has allowed me to learn to detach, with love, from my addicted son. It has taught me the importance of looking after myself. I can only control me not the addict.€