The waitlist for low income housing in Kamloops is
an average minimum of 2 years.


The waitlist for low income housing in Kamloops is
an average minimum of 2 years.

— Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society

Family Stepping Stones Supportive Housing

We are very excited to open the region€™s first Supportive Housing facility. Community members and agencies throughout Kamloops have identified a strong need for Second Stage/Supportive Housing through a needs assessment consultancy.

What is Supportive Housing?

Supportive Housing is safe, affordable and appropriate  long term transitional housing for women and children. Supportive Housing clients enter a specialized program tailored to address their specific needs, whether it be addictions support, mental health services, parenting support or other life skills. The individualized programming is designed to provide the best possible care for each woman and their children and integrates the family into the existing network of services available in Kamloops. This type of housing allows women to maintain custody of their children while receiving the support they need to stabilize their lives. It is our goal that every woman who enters our program will move on to successful, healthy independent living for themselves and their children.

The Growing Need

Since we started developing this project in 2007 we have seen the need for women’s supportive housing triple from 57 women to 169 women in 2013. The Kamloops YWCA emergency shelter reported 300-350 clients in 2013 that could have utilized Supportive Housing.

Where, When & How?

The Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society has purchased a six unit residential building to house the Supportive Housing and plan to have the Program running by early 2015. In order to address the increasing need today, we reduced the number of units we had initially hoped to offer to the community. We are using this as a pilot project we would like to expand upon in the future to better meet the needs of the community.

We could not have come this far without the generous contributions of the following supporters:

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We have come a long way with this Project but we still require more funding to move more families into our building.

Please considering DONATING today to help us build the first Supportive Housing project in Kamloops.

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