BC Coalition of People with Disabilities

Outstanding Employer of the Year Award



The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) will be giving an award in 2014 to a BC employer who has demonstrated excellence in the hiring and employing of people with disabilities. A Committee comprised of BCCPD Board members and staff will select the Award winner and the winner of an Honourary Mention. The names of the two Employers selected by the Committee will be announced at the BCCPD’s Swing into Spring Annual Fundraiser on April 9th 2014.


The Award winner and winner of an Honourary Mention will have their names publicized in the BCCPD’s quarterly magazine Transition, monthly e-newsletter Our Voice, website, and social media. Both employers will receive a plaque commemorating their Award.


We Want To Hear From You: Nominate Your Employer

Nominations for this Award must be made by an employee with a disability of the nominated business or organization. We want to hear stories from people with disabilities who have benefitted from their employer’s approach.


And the Winner Is!

The purpose of this Award is to recognize an employer who has gone the extra mile to ensure that a person with a disability has been able to obtain and maintain employment. The Award winner and winner of the Honourary Mention will be the employers the Committee judges to have demonstrated extraordinary innovation and support for their employee/s with a disability.


Eligibility Requirements


– The nominated employer must be currently operating in British Columbia and be doing so at the time of the Award presentation.


– The nominator must be or have been a paid employee of the nominee at some point in he proceeding 12 months of the April 9th 2014 Award.


– The nominator must be willing to have their name made public at the Award presentation and any other related announcements.


– The nominated employer must agree to be nominated for the award.


Deadline for Nominations

February 18th 2014