As many as 200,000 Canadians will experience homelessness each year.


The waitlist for low income housing in Kamloops is
an average minimum of 2 years.

— Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society

Our Staff

Staff Members

Main Office Building

827 Seymour Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 2H6

Phone: 250.374.2119

Fax: 250-374-5768

Cassandra Schwarz Executive Director

ex. 207

Janelle Borle Administration

ex. 200

Cheryl Pittenger Office Manager; Accounting

ex. 208

Jacqueline Ballard Housing Coordinator
housing@nullkamloopsefry.comex. 206
Janet Bakke Women’s Housing Support Coordinator; Rent Bank Administrator

ex. 205

Dawn Sylte Mental Health Worker; Courtwork Coordinator; Women’s Housing Support Worker

Suzanne Akers Sky Program Support Worker

ex. 201

Loretta King Sky Program Coordinator

ex. 202

Todd Grant Youth Activity Worker/ Osprey Home Support, Sky Program

ex. 203

Legal Aid Offices

208-300 Columbia Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 6L1

Phone: 250.314.1900

Fax: 250-314-1605

May Intake Worker, Legal Aid- Kamloops Local Agent Janet Intake Worker, Legal Aid- Kamloops Local Agent
Erik Nelson Poverty Law Advocate

ex. 302

Offsite Staff

Lucy Johnson KRCC Library/ Pretrial Program Coordinator


Roy Langdon  Building Caretaker


Shawn Koly Building Caretaker