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Volunteer Stories:

Sandy’s Story

Niki’s Story

Sky Stories:

Jordan’s Story

I am small and scared

I wonder can I reach the stars

I hear warriors falling

I see moving mountains

I want a billion dollars

I am small and scared


I pretend I fly above the rest

I feel gravity crushing me

I touch loved ones souls

I worry for my mother

I cry when I think of lost friends

I am small and scared


I understand in life there is death

I say we all have a door to open

I dream of partying with friends

I try to be better

I hope I get through life

I am small and scared

-          Written by a former client of Elizabeth Fry


Everyone has a story to tell. Here’s some that have been brave enough to tell their story. We are so humbled to hear why our volunteers continue to support us and our donors continue to give. We are also so blessed to receive feedback from clients, the lives we have changed.